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2 Potential Changes to give Catalyst more versatile gameplay


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Technically 3!

1.) Grant Catalyst the boons of the jade spheres regardless of their location to the jade sphere. I'm pretty sure the jade bot's capable of multi-tasking. Reduce the well to 4 targets if need be but this may not be technically possible in the current code. But hello, scourge? I mean is that really any different? Why kitten on ele's just for the sake of shitting on ele's?

2.) Bake hammer 3 orbs into attunements. I.e. You swap to earth and you gain earth shield, the skill flips after you attune and it becomes the projectile launch. (Having these be projectile finishers with access outside of hammer would benefit the entire identity of the spec as it would allow more gameplay options and potential for trait interaction.)

3.) Obviously hammer 3 would need to change so this might be a good time to look at providing hammer with more cc and sustain options.

I really cannot fathom why you would tie a skill like that into ONE weapon and considering we already have tempest that functions similarly with its overload skills, I'd have to wonder if they actually did more work baking this specifically into hammer than they could if they'd just baked it into the attunements in general. Were they afraid it would step on the "jade tech" theme? 

And then they make jade sphere's stationary wells that only grant boons if you're standing in them which complements how many weapon combinations exactly? 
Scepter/Focus, Staff, Hammer? 

And with one little change how many weapon combinations could granting elementalists a copy of the boons for their duration complement? 

I'm frankly the farthest from the "math guy" but I'm wondering what jade sphere would feel like if it had a larger radius seeing as you I believe the diameter seems like hammer's 600 yard range? Idk. 

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