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[NA] [WVW] [Jade Quarry] BKO is coming to GW2!

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Who we are:
We are a multigaming community that has recently come to GW2! Our main games in the community are: Albion Online, SCUM, Last Oasis, and Lost Ark. We are now looking to get a Guild Wars 2 branch running strongly! Our focus will be on WvW, fractals, and raiding. We may not know everything day 1, but we are successful in anything we play!


What we are looking for:
- New, Returning, or Vet players!
- Discord usage amongst members
- 16+ age
- We will be running a heavy melee comp in WvW, but accepting all classes at the moment


What we are NOT looking for:
- Toxic players: Absolutely no racism, harassment, hate speech, etc, etc.
- Solo-mentality: We are very successful in anything we play and that's because we focus on teamwork. We build our community brick by brick and push for our members to all know eachother.


If you are interested in joining, please contact Karulegend#2470 -or- https://discord.gg/teambko

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