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Bangar Cagelover

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Please do something with Bangar's cage in EoTN:<
Cause after we complete achievements with him + J. death, cage is not needed
She awful, disgusting! Brrrrrrrr.

Oh and yeah!
You can't speak with Bangy again in the past after achv completed (to listen delicious dialogue with J.), cause he is not in the cage!
Bug maybe? 

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1 minute ago, Sarius.9285 said:

pretty sure he was in the cage at the end of ibs, but when starting EoD he wasn't there anymore 

perhaps EoD messes up. but normally theres a follow up dialogue in that place after u finish champions, where npc explains what happened with bangar.

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Replaying Bangar's lines now only seems to work if the "Champions" story journal is active. Funnily enough Aurene is not visible in EotN when some IBS story journal chapters, such as "Champions" are active once you play through EoD. It seems like there are just a bunch of buggy things with EotN and the story journal now.


As for the cage. Story journal or achievement progress can't change the map collision for a player on public maps. All players on the map are subject to the same collision geometry. So the space that the cage sits can't be made empty. You might have noticed certain upgradable facilities in a public map are filled with random junk or crates before being upgraded/added. So, if Anet removed they cage, they would likely want to put something there to fill the collision geometry that would remain. Although the whole area around Aurene is already blocked off by invisible collision, so maybe it doesn't matter too much.

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