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Sounds are often delayed or dont play at all.

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Check to see if your speaker set up within your Soundcard software or Windows matches what you have. I have two speakers either side of my monitor. On occassion after soundcard driver updates I sometimes get the speaker set-up set to 5.1 surround, which obviously sounds odd on two speakers.

Checking yor speaker setup matches what your soundcard is outputting to would be my first step.

Secondly what have you set your Sound quality to in GW2?

You can check this by pressing F11 in game, then selecting Sound Options on the left hand side of this control panel.

The GW2 default for sound quality is mid way between Fastest and Highest quality. If you have moved it all the way over to Highest Quality this could be a cause of the problem. There actually isn't any need to set it that high and on machines that might struggle a bit, it can end up with stutters and sound issues.

The other thing you can try within these settting is just click on the button at the bottom that says "Restore defaults" - this will reset all sound settings within GW2.

Try those and see how you get on.

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