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Traversing Dragon's End

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The waypoint setup on this map is horrible, and makes the pre-meta events harder to do. You need to get all over the map but only 2 points are open, meaning you often arrive at events too late. The three waypoints in the cent of the map are locked until almost the last minute in the meta and are of minimal use by that time.

With the way this map is designed, and the way the events play out, with wide spread event placement and the need to rapidly traverse the map, we need useful waypoint placement. Waypoints at the speaker and Brotherhood northern camps would help on the north end, while a waypoint at the turtle hatchery would be good too, and maybe at the shrine of Ione.The current waypoints could be changed to shrines (like on Dragonfall) and ONLY DURING THE META contest the waypoints south of the quarry. This would make getting about the map much easier during the Pre-meta

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If you have the roller beetle you will find that it gets you to the void outbreak events pretty fast, sometimes you have to switch to skyscale around the quarry.  Sometimes I use the zip line on the huge mining machine in the quarry to get up to the top of a quite tall rock tower near the center of the map, from there you can get to events very quick with a griffon and fairly quickly with a skyscale.  I've never missed an event starting from there.

I've never actually done so but I guess you could use your personal waypoint to travel quickly.

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