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EoD "The Only One" (Act 5) Replay Option Bugged

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Currently trying to do the achievements and I've come across a bug I suppose.


When replaying "The Only One" Story. I'm being presented with 4 options. They all say the same thing "Replay The Only One For Achievements?"


The first option takes me to the beginning of the instance. So no issues, achievement requirements show up


The second to option takes me to the second boss battle, achievements requirements aren't showing (no I haven't completed them at this point)


The third creates this error  https://imgur.com/a/GMaotHU


The fourth option takes me right to the end, when Soo-Won has already been defeated and our PC drifts down in the battle field with everyone standing just further up


Just thought I'd make a post about it just in case it hasn't been caught.

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