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Returning Player Requesting Aid

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I've taken a long hiatus from the game and have only recently returned. I'm trying to power my way through the content that I've missed, but seeing as how the only stories I've actually finished has been the main storyline and POF (with a LOT of struggling), well, I need help. 


It doesn't help that my main is a Necromancer and I end up getting downed every few minutes every time I so much as attempt to step into any area in the Icebrood Saga (I really want the Skyscale mount before I finally start Living World Season 2 and continue with the game's actual story) . 


I've recently made a new character and I'm really wanting to run through the story from the beginning to catch up with lore and I would very much like to have a partner or two to journey alongside with! Extra props if you're also a rper and have a character story to share along the way! 


If anyone can help, it would be appreciated, and mayhaps also explain how the stats work because I am really, /really/ confused.

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Not sure what The Icebrood Saga has to do with getting a Skyscale.  Have you consulted the Wiki (link above)?  You can find everything about acquiring the Skyscale there, as well as information about stats.




Welcome return and good luck.

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A necromancer really should not be downed contantly with proper build and gear. I'd say the reaper minion master build is one of the easiest to stay alive in open world content. You can find it here: https://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Reaper_-_LI_Reaper
I use full Berserker's gear with Scholar runes - not as tough but does more damage and can still stay up relatively easy.

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