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Constant Instance-Changes inside Guild Halls ruin events, gatherings and so much more

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Hello dear Guild Wars 2 Forum,

On behalf of the international roleplay community, I wanted to draw attention to a thing that makes not only roleplay events in guild halls completely (!) impossilbe but also hinders gatherings for guild members.

The problem is that whenever 5 people enter the guild hall, a new instance opens up and everyone has to leave and enter the new instance. Now, the same thing happens at 15 players and on top of that at 25 players again. This is not only extremely frustrating but also makes creating events in guild halls simply impossible since coordinating even 15+ players (whereas 35+ players is the average per event) is an extreme pain. Some successfully enter the new instance, the others get thrown somewhere else so that there are e.g. 4 overall instances. Furthermore, they can't even rightclick the squad members to directly enter one's instance, it's pure chaos and there is absolutely no way for anyone to choose the instance he gets thrown into. On top of that, non-members of the guild get thrown out of the hall whilst the members arrive in a new instance.
It's pure chaos that simply makes gatherings and events inside guild halls completely impossible. A problem that persists for years now, a problem that was frontpaged on the official GW2-subreddit multiple times, a problem that even goes against the game's name and it's philosophy.

Either remove the constant instance changes or add a "join instance"-menu when rightclicking a squadmembers/partymembers name when inside the guild hall.

The german, french, spanish and english-speaking roleplay communities would like to hear something from the developers or moderators about this topic, since it's been a problem for so long now and no one said anything about this yet. Some few people even left the game just because they're so frustrated about all of this, which is extremely sad and should be avoided.

Thank you for your time!



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This has been an issue as long as guild halls have been a thing.  I'm guessing that it's a more complicated issue than it appears to us.  But I still think that it would be worth it to look into.

Do they *really* save server resources spamming a new instance every 5 players?  (up to 25 or so)  Than if they just went 10, 25, 100, 250, 500?(or something similar)

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2023 and nothing changed. 
This game is called Guild Wars 2 and still has a terrible guild hall management.

Why would you allow 500 persons to be in a guild if the guild hall creates new instances everytime 4 people are in it.

more and more i wonder if devs do not play the game they're making.


Wake up ARENA NET. 

This system makes no sense.

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