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Are there any requirements to unlock EoD strikes?

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I was wondering if there's any requirements that have to be met before you can participate in the (EoD) strikes? Just now I was helping a group with the Kaineng Overlook strike, and one of the players apparently couldn't join us in the instance. They were playing together with another party member who did manage to join, so I'm not exactly sure what the issue could have been. Apparently they didn't get the pop-up in Arborstone, and to my understanding couldn't join from the portal either. I'm fairly new to strikes myself, and this was my first time leading, so I'm not really sure what could have caused this. Do you have to progress to a certain point in the story before you unlock the strikes? Any help would be appreciated. Then I can contact them next time I see them online and see if they still need help.

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To take the arborstone portal you have to have pogressed the story to a point were you done the strike as a story mission.

I have been told that you do not have to do that if you use the strike shrines on the specific maps tho. ( never tried that myself since I went through the story before doing any strike.)

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As far as I am aware, finishing the related story mission is the only requirement to unlock the Strike Missions.

For example, to unlock the Mai Trin/Echo of Scarlet Briar Strike Mission, you need to beat that encounter in Shing Jea first.

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