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Skiff/Turtle Cannon seat keybind and control priority issue?

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I have mount abilities bound to 4 and 5 (12 button MMO mouse user) eg griffon dive is 5, climb is 4. 

Skiff depth charge and speed boost and Turtle speed boost are default bound to 4 and 5 too. I'm unable to use any of these "vehicle" abilities without manually clicking on them. As a primarily action player this is a little annoying.

I know I can rebind 4 and 5 for mount abilities, but then the abilities in slot 4 and 5 aren't bound to my 4 and 5 keys in all situations (on foot, on mount, in vehicle). 

Proposal: Skiff/Turtle cannon seat controls should be a higher priority than my mount keybinds. Because I'm not on my mount.

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