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A list of (fairly reasonable) things that devs could do for the RP community

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Title says it all, really. I wanted to compile a few suggestions that wouldn't take ages to code (I think, I'm really not an expert) and that could revitalize roleplay. 


Roleplayers are among the most consistent and dedicated players in the game. They participate in decorating, raiding, fashion wars, dungeoneering and fractals, sell their kidneys for the latest gemstore scepter skin and stay even when content updates slow because they're invested in their communities. But their experience is often trying to find flaws in the game that they can exploit to create their own spaces of fun. It's not fun for us to have to endure abuse in Tarir for roleplaying during a meta, or see the coin meta in Amnoon and players jumping about on bunnies while you have a serious discussion about trade or rescuing a lost cavalier party. Finding styles that fit us is also a hassle, because the armour weights constrict our creativity, and a lot of armour and weapon skins tend to be on the sparkly side.


So, with that in mind, a few suggestions to get the ball rolling:



- Squad dungeons: GW2 already has 8 superb instances that have distinct flavour and would require little to no change. Simply adding a "roleplay mode", where squads can enter, would actually allow DMs to have ambitious stories in unique settings. 

- Player flats: ok, that old chestnut. But it is a shame that three large cities (Lion's Arch, Amnoon, New Kaineng) feel a bit lifeless, when they each have their own unique ambience. Smaller player home instances with some decoration control by the player could allow individuals to create tea rooms, libraries, bars, hideouts, safe houses... 



- Weightless skins: I know, seeing a wizard in heavy armour seems incongruous, but Anet has already begun to breach the principle of "to each class their armour type" by introducing weightless skins, that can be applied to any armour type. More such skins, or even abolishing the weight restrictions on armour skins could go a long way towards reviving fashion wars, and also allowing roleplayers more creativity.

- Set outfit tokens: allow players to purchase tokens allowing them to transform their current set of skins into a unique outfit. I don't personally object to this being a gemstore item, I could actually see it being extraordinarily successful, and it would allow players to have a lot more unique outfits at their disposal without having to store a dozen armour pieces in their inventory.



- Structure decorations: assets for rooftops already exist in the game, as well as assets for small houses, but they are not in the crafting pool. There are dozens of wall decorations but very few rooftops and no doors, not to mention proper floors. It makes having proper housing very hard outside of the Lost Precipice. Floor, walls with windows, doors and rooftops would be a great addition at any rate!


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