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karma? karma!


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recently i found myself in a bit of a karma related pickle. i never thought id see the day when i'd run out of the stuff back when i started playing the game WAY back at launch considering how much of it we got, and how little ways there where to spend it. yet a couple of years into the game and i suddenly notice i am under half a million karma. turns out i will be in need of quite a bit more then the half a million i have, and was wondering if you guys know of a way to farm karma?

some additional information: i don't play wvw, pvp and fractals/dungeons. ->open world pve methods only<-. also i have karma buffs aplenty, i just need an activity to use them on.

is there some sort of site that keeps track of average karma gain rates by doing certain things. like the average amount of karma you get from running bounties in PoF vs doing living world map metas vs HoT content etc etc? if that does not exist, anyone know of a method they consider good?

thnx in advance!

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There's also a fair bit of karma that drops from foes in PoF. And anything that involves lots of event turnover is good, since each event delivers some karma.

The full list (so far)

  • Tequatl 1x/day
  • LS3 "easy" dailies (e.g. 5 Orrian Pearls; there are about 10-12 depending on your definition, that take under 10 minutes total)
  • Karmic retribution buff for Ember Bay, Bitterfrost, and Siren's Landing. Best imo: Bitterfrost, because there are tons of quickly respawning foes doing a berry run... and you can repeat on multiple toons. Defense/reclaim of Braziers is also a good source.
  • Silverwastes RIBA maps. After securing the initial outposts, tag as many events as you can. Participate in escorts and go after every veteran event. (For this, apply all the buffs you can: wintersday orphans buff, banners, amulet enrichment, birthday bonuses, etc).
  • PoF. There are several areas of high-density, quickly respawning foes. And many drop items that give karma. Search for "PoF experience farms" or "PoF mastery farms"
  • Wintersday orphan gifting (thanks to @Danikat.8537 for reminding us). Definitely go all out with buffs for this. It's probably the single easiest karma gain in the game, especially with mounts and using e.g. TACO to guide you to the right spots using an efficient path.
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In previous years Wintersday has been a great source of karma.

All of the activities reward large amounts, but then a lot of the rewards cost karma and several can be sold for gold (or bought with gold). So depending on what you want it's possible you can end up with far more karma than when you started, far more gold than when you started or less of both but lots of new items.

It's not totally out of the question that they'll change it this year, but it's unlikely.

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Here's the best ways I know,Gain karma:Ls3 easy daily (Bloodstone fen,Ember bay, Bitterfrost frontier)Unbound magic gatherer, event, gather map specific node (like bloodstone node etc )Wintersday (jp/bell choir/orphan gifting)Fractals(40 farm)SW(Sw VW/Sw cf/Sw riba)Sparkfly fen(Tequatl)Ember bay/Bitterfrost frontier (T3 karmic retribution)Daily CompletionistWvW(EoTM)Cursed shore (champ train)Frostgorge sounds(champ train)Worldbosses(train)Dungeons(AC)

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It takes hardly any time (less than a minute) to do the bloodstone fen dailies. Start at Soulkeeper's Airship, drop down and glide, picking up unbound magic, and use the aerial skill #1 on whatever you see. This is worth 3000 karma.The Ember Bay daily is also super easy if you have ley-line gliding. Start at the central waypoint, then ley-line glide towards the circus, gathering the magic, then glide over the waypoint and go the other way. This takes less than a minute for 1500 karma.Lastly, make sure you pick up the winterberry node for your home instance. This will get you another 1500 karma for daily berry gatherer for free when you gather your home instance.

I like 6K karma for 3 minutes or less of effort.

Tequatl gives a lot of karma but takes a long time, at least a half hour counting wait time.

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@Dawdler.8521 said:

@kharmin.7683 said:Would love to donate some of my 3.5million karma to you. I'm surely not using it.I am holding on to my 7.3 million karma. Never know when it can be usefull.

No I mean literally, I never know what to use it for.

You can Buy 6 Pact Scout's Mapping Materials (5250 karma each(so total 31500 karma for 6) at a Pact Supply Network Agent (karma vendor)/wiki psna) each day, it does Grants map bonus reward points for your current map when in Central Tyria. best currently is Frostgorge Sound (25g/30psmm) in week 2 and Fireheart Rise (21g/30psmm) in week 5. you can see this page for best map each week and which week it is: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Map_bonus_reward/profit or can reach that page from in-game at any time by typing /wiki mbrp .

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