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DE meta help

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Can someone refer me to a video that explains everything that I'm supposed to do in this meta? I need something more than just a video of someone pressing buttons with no sound or explanation.


I know all the pre event information, but I need a more detailed description on the actual meta.



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8 hours ago, notebene.3190 said:

I need to find a good video on how the “jumping puzzle” works. I can’t figure it out. I never go stand in one of those circles first.

I don't know if there's a video, but basically if you get turned into a wisp you use the jump button to launch yourself upwards, either from a surface or while in the air. You have 5 jumps (I think) and when you're not going up you'll slowly float back down. You can use the normal movement controls to direct yourself, either while jumping or falling.

To get more jumps you need to connect with the purple balls in the air, either jumping into them or falling into them (and you don't have to hit them exactly, getting close is enough). They'll recharge your jumps back up to 5 so you can keep moving. (Sometimes they also give you a whisper from a character in the story, but you can ignore those.)

I normally turn on action cam and auto-run so I'm constantly moving in whichever direction I point the camera, then I use the mouse to aim for a purple ball and the jump key to get some height, and just keep doing that (trying to aim for ones above me rather than to the sides) until I'm level with the top of the platform. Then you just need to get onto the platform and move around until a new skill becomes available, which you push to reclaim your body.

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