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Infinite Mechs in PvP - Gamebreaking Bug


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Top PvP teams are currently abusing the bug which lets the player recall the mech at any health percentage then recall it back instantly with full health, negating the downside of your mech being pressured putting it on a higher cooldown when you try to recall it into battle.
This is done by tricking the game into thinking the mech is stowed, which also gives player additional damage from the orbital strikes mechanic which is supposed to only trigger when the mech is dead.
This skews all the unfavorable matchups into mechanists favor, as not only it is keeping the counterpressure of the mech constantly even when the mech is about to die but gives it additional damage it's not supposed to have in its kit.
If this isn't fixed before the Monthly AT, it will heavily skew the results and completely shuit down the playstyle of a second side noder that isn't a mechanist. Here's hoping for a quick fix.
Video showcase:
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