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Optional difficulty increase for fishing - an idea I had


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So i have been saying for a while i wish the fishing was faster. Player bar, fish bar, the rate at which the progress bar goes up AND down to make it all more challenging. 


Even with a difficulty increase, i tend to just get into the zone mentally so if it were harder i could still relax and enjoy it, and if it were faster, i could just catch my fish a bit faster. But for some people fishing is hard and an annoying part of the game. To this i have a compromise and an idea.


Make jade bot upgrades. Make a jade bot upgrade that makes fishing easier and make a jade bot upgrade that makes fishing faster. It kinda balances itself out. If fishing is slower, the reward is also slower. If you can fish better, you get your reward faster. Additionally it adds more challenge to the fishing contests, as anyone will high fishing and a jade bot would be catching fish faster, provided they don't mess up. And you would still have normal difficulty for people who do not use an upgrade at all. 

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