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Brightness and Fog especially on newer maps.

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There seems to be an obsession with the usage of too much brightness and fogs by Anet. Awesome looking maps are rendered somewhat a little too hazy and less appealing unless you adjust the amount of fog and brightness.

Thousand Island Pavilion is a classic case.  A little too much fog and too bright. When fishing, you practically have to face the island or it can get a little too blinding. The amount of fog in older maps like Bitterfrost can be a little over-whelming as well. I can understand the need for it but how about toning it down just a tad.

Lower my monitor's brightness? Ok. And when I go to dimly lit areas and can hardly see, what then? Increase the brightness? And keep doing it over and over again? And after I log off? Reset it so it's normal again? No. Just no.

Would be good if we can adjust them, as had been mentioned in other threads. Not completely remove or darken, but just have the ability to lower the intensity.

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13 minutes ago, Hashberry.4510 said:

Perhaps post processing affects this? Mine is off I do not notice the issues you are having.

Mine is set to low. In addition, I do use tweaks so I'm able to lower the intensity. If you've never used them, you would not notice this since you have nothing to compare it to.

When using ArcDps, this is very prominent because it's incompatible with the tweaks.

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This has been talked over and over again for years.  Anet has slapped together multiple effects into one option and called it post processing. They need to have their own settings such as bloom and lightning and more. Since they don't, turn off Post-processing and move on until otherwise.

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46 minutes ago, fatihso.7258 said:

This has been talked over and over again for years.

Yes, I know. And so long as it exist, no harm in talking about it over and over again. Otherwise, things will never change if no one voice their concerns since it'll  be assumed that everyone are happy with it.

Turning off post processing will work in some cases but not in all. It'll make certain areas too dark.

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