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Beetle Racing throughout Tyria [RACE] Beetle League Racing Team.


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Reirakiyo - Less than 9 seconds needed
Another spontaneous time trial record \o/ I barely do those atm, even more a surprise when I actually break old records. With Kessex I hit the 8 seconds mark a while ago already but felt there was more doable, guess today I pushed it a little bit further 😛 maybe even a little more after another while again. . .
Looking for some racing action ? A guild full of speed and Eurobeat enjoyers ?? Look no further!
The Beetle League Racing Team [RACE] has it all and everyone is welcome no matter the skill level! 😎
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  • Dyers.1567 changed the title to Beetle Racing throughout Tyria [RACE] Beetle League Racing Team.
Chavyjav - [BAEL] Guild Hall Presentation | Presentación Sala de Clan [BAEL]
"I present to you my most recent work in the Guild Hall "La Babilonia de Elona [BAEL]" After 5 months of hard work, I have turned the ruins of Windsweps Haven into an oasis that honors the myth of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. This secondary guild is free to use, anyone who wants to join to use the facilities can request entry and will also have the option to invite whoever they want. You can contact me ingame: Chavyjav.2967"
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Chavyjav - [BAEL] Babylon´s Pass | [BAEL] Paso de Babilonia | GW2 Roller Beetle Race Track
Complete track vid.
"Welcome to the New Beetle Racing Track I built in the "La Babilonia de Elona [BAEL]" guild hall. It is a closed circuit that allows drivers of different levels to race on it, giving you the freedom to use advanced techniques without problem. If anyone wants to test the circuit you can contact ingame with [Chavyjav.2967]"
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