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[NA][PvE] {{Tethered Freedom}TF} Recruiting new, casual and returning players. Updated May 12

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Server: We're trying to get people into or from Stormbluff Isle.


About us: We are a chill, relaxed and friendly guild(family). Were currently in the works of a restructure of the system of the guild to better help facilitate the guild. We've been around for almost a month now and were growing rapidly. This is a family first and a guild second, so we like to see our family working together and helping each other out when people ask. We like for people to proactive and organize events and participate in them when they can its not mandatory though. Were willing to help and nurture the growth of new players, diversify casual players gaming experience and help shake of that rust of returning players. I created this guild so friends could play with friends and people could meet new people they would not have any other chance to meet. The guild is not about number but about the quality of the experience and the people you spend it with


Guild Events: Guild mission day is sunday 1 hour after reset we also have a day during the week but that's not set in stone. In the works is a day for dungeons.


If you're interested feel free to join our discord and ask question and get a more in-depth feel about us(https://discord.gg/RnYyk6E6eY), reply to the post or message me personally for more question hope to hear from you soon and thanks for your time!!!!



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