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sPvP/WvW quick burst / "one shot kill" untamed pet build


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This is a end of dragons update to my old previous build as discussed: 



The idea is about bursting your enemy with 25 might stack, fury, speed pet and yourself to quickly kill enemies within seconds. Unlike previous iterations which use quickening zephyr + sick em, you only have to use sick em, so you have 2 utilities to use in the fight. I use 2 stun breakers so I have some safety incase my burst doesn't work. This is possible because of untamed unleashed pet's f1 which teleports them, so the need to wait for your pet to run to your target (and it missing every attack or dying early) is no longer necessary, compared to core ranger.


The rotation goes as follows:

1. Start with jaguar + pet unleashed, with axe + wh

2. Warhorn 5 (for might)

3. F1 to teleport pet, (f2 and f3 optional)

4. Heal (to give pet 25 stacks of might and yourself)

5. Sick em

6. Unleash yourself (don't pet swap)

7. F2 for jaguar stealth + crit + move speed (do it with the jaguar on top of them, and they'll be taunted too)

8. Ambush axe 1 to root them

9. Spam axe skills and axe 1 to kill, if they aren't dead or if you need utility/range, then swap to longbow and 4 > 2


This cheese is enough to burst most builds. If they're still alive them just use skills as necessary and wait for the skills to go on cooldown to use the same combo


Other utilities and elites don't matter, use what you like. I prefer 2 defensive stun breakers as quickening zephyr isn't needed for this burst (you can if you want). Elite doesn't matter.


Secondary pet is smokescale in dueling, because it can stick to target (like jaguar + buffs) and for smoke field for mid fight dueling. Maybe you can have the turtle or something more supportive when roaming or pugging in wvw.


This build can truly be a one shot build if you take tiger 2 for its pouncing attack, or the river drake for tail swipe, but I haven't tried that. And you'll need to use greastword (gs 2 for +50% damage) with axe+wh instead. But I prefer to use longbow for ranged combat and versatility.


I have high ping and I struggle to duel good players in spvp with a traditional longbow + gs build. But using this cheese build increased my chances of winning battles early on by suprise bursting the enemy. Worked in a few games of spvp for me too fighting with team on mid, haven't tried it in wvw yet.


Try it out and let me know

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