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Legendary projectile effect toggle please

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Legendary weapons have unique projectile as a perk, I get it.   Sometimes, those ain't  always welcomed.  Anet has this weird trope for certain legendaries to shoot out a copies of itself as a projectile.  To be honest, that doesn't make any sense, even in context of fantasy world. A sword shooting out a sword, a dagger shooting out daggers, etc.... it's just random and/or lazy design.  and if you haven't seen the new aurene hammer effect on spinning orbs on elem,  it's just hurting the eyes after awhile.     Not only that, certain projectiles look better in its natural form, like many of elems,   sword 3 of guardian etc. 


So please add a toggle for projectile effect, just like for leg trinkets effect toggle, so that people who enjoyed either of the versions can choose their preferred setting. 

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