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Mesmer problem with picking an Elite


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For Pve discussions I go around and around on this forum about silly distinctions between all the Mesmer elites. I don't think people understand that I and many other players use all the Mesmer elites and it's not a bad thing that we do.

Okay so going by elite, this is how I use each one:



I normally play this for burst DPS and can also facilitate alot of damage avoidance with clones/phantasms. Pared with Scepter or Greatsword my clone generation is so high that a quickness support build is possible but it requires a target to use.


I swap to Mirage to survive during a duel, so mostly bounties (single target). If I trait for shatters it can be used more generally due to high burst and aoe. Staff/staff provides a great alacrity support similar to quickness Chronomancer but can achieve much higher DPSand does not require a target.


By far my highest DPS Mesmer and I run the condition variant so it can provide me with alot of sustain and survivability. It excels at tagging enemies so I par it with Inspiration and can provide roughly 1k HPS to a group. This means Virtuoso can be played unselfishly even if it's just a little healing and faster group pull.


To conclude I mostly play Chronomancer for solo and Virtuoso for group content. 

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Honestly, very few if anyone care why you and some other players currently use them. Most care about how they were used before they got turned upside-down into something different with Anet's weird juggling of game balance philosophies. For a long time Chrono was treated really well and suddenly three years ago starting with the SoI rewotk, Anet decided it was time for it to eat dirt. They even took away zero clone shatters which demonstrated that whoever was handling these changes paid little attention or consideration to this game's balance history and failed to understand why it was added in the first place


It used to be that Chronos would be support or Power DPS and Mirages Condi DPS with all options being viable and really good. This is what a lot of longtime Mesmer players want. To be viable in a group without needing to be a healer or DPS or at the very least, make Support Chrono viable. When I say "viable" I don't mean playable. Nobody wants Chronos outside of two or three encounters as tanks for a reason. You don't hear about it as much anymore because a lot of them quit because of these changes. But some such as myself show up from time to time because no other class in any MMO scratches the itch that this one did


Now Support Chrono died along with Chronojail they minute they got nerfed and everyone else gained Alac/quick including their own other elite epec Mirage leaving them as the only viable support spec. It has a healing build but why in the world would you take a mirage alacrity healer over a mirage dps that gives alacrity along with a quickness firebrand who can heal?


As for Virt, it's just a less clunky core Mesmer for people who don't like playing Mesmer. A lot of us were hoping for a real support spec like Bard or something. Doesn't matter if it can heal because if Firebrand wasn't so heavily played, Firebrandjail would be a thing. And with so many Guardians readily available, why take anything else?


Nobody who actually understands this class and has played it before Summer 2019 thinks it's in a good spot or even wants to play it. But after experiencing Pre-Summer 2019 Chrono, it's very hard to go back to anything else

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