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Ignes Mossheart


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Needs some serious tuning down. Had to do this event twice just to get past the post-fungus escort that stalls frequently only to do fight a mob that seems to just have an aura of instant death, way too much health, and multiple invuln phases. 

Is this meant to be a third map meta or something?

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The escort isn't too bad? The mobs go invuln when you have to kill a thing to make them vulnerable again (I forget exactly what it is, but you should see it). The boss himself is a group event, I'd recommend putting a tag up (mentor, at least) and you should get a few people pop over to help.


Did the whole chain very comfortably with one other person, so I'd recommend just asking around for help, I am sure others still need it.

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I tried doing it with 3 people and it seemed impossible. But later did it with 6 so maybe it's just one of those that's really scaled for 5+ people. Really loved the like... pull and expel ability of this mob though and am wondering why we haven't seen it more places. 

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