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Join the unofficial 1vs1 ( Core Spec ) PvP Game Mode

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To all solo players who enjoy duels ( If there are any still playing ). I have created a Discord to collect everyone together and

start a dueling league hosting Fight Card events with gold prizes etc. So if anyone is interested, this is open for NA and EU 

( but is NA based ). ''Core spec only'' will allow EU players to create free to play accounts on NA. ( Also theoretically I would

prioritize having EU players fight other EU players if ping is going to be a problem.


But for now I have the link attached in video to the discord as well as more information on rules etc.

The rules as of right now ( can change if any PROVE to be problematic ) are:


- Core Spec only
- No Toughness Amulets
- Map = Legacy of the Foefire
- First to 3 wins
- Can fully swap builds between rounds
- Cannot swap class
- 2 minute rounds
- Ready up. On game start, head to mid and begin on sight
- Can fight /kite anywhere on map but If mid is capped that capper wins round.( Ring out )
- If round goes to time, player that dealt most dmg wins


Come through if interested. The plan as of now is to promote and let the discord fill until we have enough to make

the next moves needed to host the first party.

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