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Heal build thoughts for Virtuoso to get clone/blade generation

Wynn The Charmer.2510

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Just had a random thought of using seraph's gear in PVE as way to:
-Get crit to 100% for blade generation from fury with master fencer/ bladesong sorrow.
-Provide healing power
-Condition/bleed stack focused to get higher heal yield through faster clone/blade triggers from Illusionary Inspiration and bloodsong
-Use some mantra for spike healing if needed

Note: I don't have the ability to test it out myself easily as I don't have legendary gear or variants of ascended gear; interested in discussion though to see if it can go anywhere.
Example: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PiBBgqh3lZwWZWsJmLWuTqxfA-zRJYoxfZERqWdV57FRQS+f5XAYxvNL-e

Uses 9 healing power and 9 precise infusions to get crit to 70%, then 30% from fury with quiet intensity.

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If you wanted to heal and do nothing else, this build definitely looks good.  The problem doesn't lie with your buildcraft.  The issue is that healers in this game are really boon builds that also heal on top  Virtuoso doesn't have any group boons aside from the stability mantra.    The healer is usually chronomancer because it provides group quickness, alac, and aegis.  

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The problem is also that Mesmer gains a lot of healing power with power therefore I would suggest a more hybrid variant.  And since blades are not replacing itself 100%crit is nice to have but fighting a boss i almost always run out of shatters. i'd suggest this for group-content.


you'll have around  65% crit with fury resulting in  ~ 750 hp /1 s  after your ramp up without your mantra.

Rune of flock to get a better burst heal 


Not sure if it will be better then a guardian.  because it doesn't provide any boons 

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