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Naru just got rank 1 on NA ladder playing exclusively Willbender


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On 4/27/2022 at 4:30 PM, myun.6395 said:

They basically made a powercreep of shiro herald prenerfs. And shiro herald was considered too oppressive, that's why his heal was nerfed, teleport was nerfed, sword4 and 5 nerfed.


At least herald is and was weak to condis and cc, willbender is not, and if your team doesn't have one, it will be a killing machine who can even run away from 3 people, which sometimes even a thief is struggling to.


I said this during the first beta test: "don't worry necros and guardians mains, they will find a way to make their special baby classes op and meta, it's guard and necro we are talking about".

I got insulted how they are trash, necro without shroud hp will never be played in serious play. Look now xD one of the top specs for ranked solo or duo and even meta in the last monthly at.

Lots of bias delusional players in this game.


Infuse Light was the 1# problem even when Mallyx was a thing. It should have been nerfed WAY before all the other nerfs Revenant had to endure(Not counting Riposting Shadows or Empty Vessel, those two things were factually broken in PvP). Phase Traversal is an understandable nerf, but Sword 4 and 5 are hardly nerfed,  4th has always been less useful than Duelist Preparation even with the increased damage, 5th is just a jank heavy hitter rather than being useful in many ways it used to, not worst then the old Death Strike but Chill and Slow were much desired while the skill had a reason to be used with Quickness, now it's just 5 frames long or so and quickness is hardly needed for it.

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On 4/18/2022 at 2:41 PM, quaniesan.8497 said:

Even a blunt weapon can be deadly weapon in the hand of very skilled fighter.   Any class/specialization can be top in ladder if the person choose to use it if he has the skill for it and bothers to do so. One single anecdotal piece of data does not prove anything.  Maybe it is right that Willbender is that good like you said it, but this is not the sufficient evidence for it.   I would like to see Willbender statistical data in terms of ranking over the entire base players to make an evaluation.   meanswhile I can name a list of things that Willbender are not so good at, and a list of classes that can dish out damage for much less effort put out in comparison to the Willbender specialization.  While some recent changes improved the gameplay abit,  but this specialization still has much room to improve upon. 

Which is why if the game didn't purposefully cater to regular/bad players all of these years, it would have still seen a lot more players like him in ranked. Naru isn't doing anything super special. It's called population balance, not class balance.

He's dedicated a massive amount of time to the game, most people just don't do that on the level of him in this population so him playing "anything" and dominating seems crazy. This is normal for any game with a population that consists of a lot of good top-level players, it's just expected in those environments.

With that said, if a player is good, and is able to do well with it, it's a mixture of both that person being good and also not taking into context the strategies that are needed in this game mode in a population that is just nearly at the brink of extinction at any remotely competitive level.

People said the same thing about Noscoc when he played necro back in 2014, in a time when necro was considered utter garbage after the Dhuumfire nerfs. He went to LANs with necro in a PvP state dominated by celestial metas and sword/dagger thief and was pretty much the only necro at a top top level playing it successfully. The difference was I would consider the time he played was the height of PvP in terms of popularity and population. "Anybody can play necro if they're carried by a bunch of good classes around him babysitting him".

If a player is  good with a class and can make it to top rankings with it, it's a mixture of both the class being balanced because it's unplayable with somebody who's bad, and its playable with somebody who's good - that is balanced. But also, population is just bad as well in ranked. There's like 2 small groups of people in the top NA scene and half of them don't even take it seriously unless there's a MOTA or a monthly for a gizmo.

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