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followup re The Dreamer only having normal shortbow sounds for me, but others can hear the whinneys

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I emailed support over this, so this is followup re Your request (8655763:no projectile sounds when using The Dreamer)

Here're the contents of the emails.

My initial ticket:


Despite Despite having "My Unique Item Sounds" and "Other Players' Unique Item Sounds" both set to "All", I can't hear the projectile sounds of The Dreamer.

Other people have told me they could hear the whinneys, but I just hear the normal projection sounds. I _do_ hear the tinkling when I draw the bow.

I even logged in from a different computer, with the same results.

Included was a screenshot of my Sounds tab.


Support's esponse: 


Looking into this matter we ask that you open your in game settings and reset your settings to default. This should allow you to hear the unique sounds from the dreamer.


My response:


I restored defaults on all options tabs. Then I used my 1 skill. Normal shortbow sound. I logged out of GW2. I logged back in. I then used my 1skill. Normal shortbow sound.


Support's response:


Thank you for confirming that information, it does appear that you are running into a bug. 


I was directed here, so here I am.

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