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[Suggestion] Experience Scrolls

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Can we please get a solution to the experience scroll accumulation issue (other than deleting)?

Can level 80 characters use experience scrolls that give the listed number of levels (20, 30, 40, etc.) added to their exp bar so we can at least convert them to spirit shards? I understand this may be janky because of level cap limitations.
Can we please exchange scrolls to Tomes of Knowledge so that we can then buy bags of spirit shards. E.g., Level 20 scrolls give 20 tomes of knowledge.

Can the level 20 scrolls be unified so that they can all stack with each other? There are currently 3 variants (the one you get from achievement chests and the ones from first and second birthdays).

Thanks you.

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1 hour ago, firedragon.8953 said:

Can the level 20 scrolls be unified so that they can all stack with each other? 

Definitely need this.

I think they would like you to make a new character, so I don't think spirit shards would be a thing.

We should also be able to buy higher level scrolls by turning in low level ones.

Also it should behave like a boost-- it should consolidate all low level rewards instead of making us open 30-60 levels of stuff manually. That would at least provide an advantage over tomes.

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2 hours ago, lokh.2695 said:

What's wrong with deleting them?
Also, you can use them on a level 80 char to get spirit shards which live in your wallet and don't take up space.

You ask whats wrong with deleting an item, because it's mostly useless and annoying the way its implementet?

Well ... okay ...

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No key runner? Use them up to get some free BL chest keys. Or just burn them up on a new character | delete | repeat until they are gone. If that's too much, then they are worthless to you and you should delete them as suggested.

I've run out of level 20s and am holding onto 30+s until I feel I have time for extended key runs (10 | 40 | 60). With 48 characters, I've earned quite a few. I guess everyone has their own priorities, and their own sense of trash vs treasure.

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I have been asking for this for so long, FOR SO LONG. I do not need another toon. I have 25, I feel thats enough. Key farming nah, they ruined that years ago. I would like to have them turn into spirit shards or tomes of knowledge so I can turn them into spirit shards. At least they would then have a use, limited but still a use!

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