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Favored Bait

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I didn't see anything on the fishing page about this in the wiki, at least not using the word 'favored'.

If you are trying to get a specific fish, how important is favored bait? Will the fish 'not' come without it's favored bait, or does favored bait just add some bonus to the success rate of catching it?

Asking because mackerel. 😔

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From my experience I'd say if the fish has a favoured bait, you will need to use it to catch the fish (at the right day/night/dusk time time of course, on top). The problematic ones, are those non-regional fish, that you want to catch too. I get the feeling that those have a weird way to be inserted in the "loot table" of the fishing hole.
e.g. I catch tons of Sunscale Strikers and Moonfin Strikers, but haven't seen any of the other "rare fish" from World Class Fischer in weeks (with the exception of the ones that are trophies and not fish), making we wonder whether there is a sweet spot of (or lower number of) fishing power to get those again. The same applies to Saltwater Fisher. This is, where using "non-favoured" bait might come in to give you a higher chance of getting those as the loot table is different than fishing with favoured bait on the regional fishing holes.

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