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A Couple of LS Season 1 Observations for Veteran players (Minor Spoilers)


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Hello! First to say, having played LS Season 1 on first release, I am really enjoying the LS Season 1 replay!

At the same time, a couple of observations from my playthrough so far, which might help other Vets who played Season 1 originally, who may get confused at certain things (I did- but I'm probably slow!). Sorry if these have been mentioned elsewhere.

1). Agent Brandubh will ask you to collect Dead Drops at a certain point.  The letter he sends and his dialogue will tell you to use a Translator. If you have (for some reason) held onto your Order Cryptotranslator from the original Season 1, you will NOT need this. There is no Translator tool used anymore. (The Dead Drops are automatically translated and the original tool has presumably run out of batteries by now).

2). If you previously collected Season 1 Dead Drops in the original Season 1, the Wayfarer Foothills Dead Drops appear not to show up for you. 

This is in no way a criticism or whine post, just hope to help some veteran players if they get confused like me!

If I notice anything else, I'll add it to the list!

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