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Report my Experience with DX11 and 48by9 Ultrawide

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I had no crashes by farming and quests until jet.

My Setup is with Nvidia Surroundview 3by1 screen (5760x1080pix)

The cons' are following points:

-UI isn't centert, no Aspectratio config for that.

-Cinematics go fullfill with the screens. So its cropt in. Cut the top and bottom of the Szene (allso centering problem)

-Charakterscreen same, i see only bellies.

-Performance hit coud be better. My gtx 1080 GPU are without FPS limits between 40 to 70& under load.

And the Charakter runing looks unatural in compare with DX9.


This is not for discusion, just a report from me.

Have a good one!

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