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Can we as pvp comunity colectivise our voices to devs instead of beefing with eachother or not enjoying the game


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This gonna be a rant . It would be really sad if the devs just did a new update and didnt do much to pvp . Even if it  was a big change that i didnt like , even an  serious a attemptwould be jut fine  ! Am i ungratefull for wanting 300 sec cool downs to be thought about ? im not gonna act like i know how to balance a game or what the right balance is but at least break it differently ? literally 2 amulets even a map ? what about those 10v10 modes ?  we may not all agree on what and if pvp needs changes but just to hear a developer vocally adress the comunity about  it in some way ?  i couldnt imagine them doing a steam luanch with out some new pvp stuff and really want the comunity and game to thrive

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