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Exclusive items?


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Hey all, I have two scenarios for your review:

I was surfing the forums the other day, and someone had suggested they wanted the opportunity to get their own frog mini from the gemstore. Being Gaile Gray's exclusive item, there were a number of comments which defended the item's exclusivity.

I play with some GW2 vets who have been here since the very first festivals and Living Story. They earned exclusive items which hold a very high value (gold and/or emotional) since they had to be present for that event to get the rewards. I see new players demanding some of these items be released into gemstore, and when the vets who earned this are bothered by this and feel it's taking value away, and suggest their exclusive items stay exclusive, they are met with violent opposition.

Personally, I'm all for the exclusive content. If Gaile was given the frog mini as a gift from the dev's, good for her. If you earned the desert rose pack, good for you. I wasn't there and I'm not Gaile Gray, so I don't think it'd be right if I had the ability to get that content/items/rewards off the gemstore. Buuuut, I will say, I am genuinely confused by the above scenarios. Is it a double standard? Is it that there's a different player base answering to these posts/comments? And the reason I posted: should rewards from previous years', festivals, and story seasons remain exclusive? Thoughts?

PS: Play nice in the sandbox, please. I'm genuinely curious of other player's opinions on this matter and don't want the post being ruined by lemons. :)

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Im very much against exclusive items in THIS game. Mainly because it is advertised as casual where you can take a break and come back without being left behind. Exclusivity of items that are available only for a limited time kills that. Furthermore I think its inherintly unfun to see an item ingame and know there is NO chance of obtaining it ever, especially if its something you love. If theres only 1 item in the entire game and only 1 person can have it its so disappointing.

Im not against vets behind rewarded for they loyalty though things like unique items in birthday boosters, everyone can get those eventually if they play long enough. I also think its fine to have 'exclusive' itms that are locked behind very hard achievements ect. This is because everyone has an equal opportunity to get them if they practice enough.

Edit: Id like to add I dont enjoy seeing S1 items return though the gemstore. Id rather see them introduced through content where you have to put in a similar amount of effort that the S1 players had to, to earn it. Id also like to add I have ALL s1 exclusive content and played every part of it.

TLDR: limited time or finite quantity not ok.Birthday rewards and effort based showoffs ok

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