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Too many escapist types did EoD make it worse?


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Anyone notice a lot of the games are just a chase game with the new specs? it was noticeable before but now with EoD it seems like the majority of builds are all escapist types that run away easily from a losing duel or leave mid fight to regen quickly.. it gets a bit annoying after a while some of the specs don't have a viable way to catch up. I'm dueling and in a blink of the eye the other player is like half across the map or has many options to escape it's started to feel like an endless chase game

Should they nerf the regen when a person runs away like what I mean is the no enemy in sight regen it seems like it's something that's too beneficial for a good chunk of classes

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Regen? If you’re discussing the boon, then it’s really not in need of any nerfs. Also I thought mobility was your issue? Even if you nerfed “regen” it wouldn’t matter because you’d still be unable to stick to whatever it was that escaped you. Unless you’re talking about going OoC for HP refill?

With all that said: Yes. This expansion has had big mobility creep.

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Pretty sure he means going OOC "out of combat"

And no, OOC functions work fine, doesn't need nerf.

Furthermore, the entire game is in full mobility creep phase right now, all classes.

Learn to use your mobility to chase things that have mobility.

The chase power in this game is actually stronger than the disengage power.

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Do show me that mobile Bladesworn build. 

The shout abuse one? No, it can't run Bull's Charge at the cost of spicy heals.

It can't run sword cause it's a bad mainhand in a spec that locks you in a kit.

It has no mobility OH.

Dragon Slash Boost is okayish for flat nodes, Flicker step is the greatest joke of all time with 300 range.

Break step is the only meaningful "mobility".

Not that I care about Bladesworn and sure you can build some running setup, but warrior being mobile is just wrong for so many reasons.

Not a single instant port. 

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