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Word of Appreciation

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I would like to take a moment to thank Anet for their hard work, and for constantly shifting through the sands of complaints and finding the gems that help them continue to create a better game. I think it's nice, once in awhile, to stop thinking about all the bad in the game and reflect on the good.

I'm scared to read forums, because it is mostly about the bad. And most of the time, I don't agree with what is being said in forums.

And so, I would like to squeeze in a happy thread, one of many and one that will not be buried for a mere minute, to help remind forum-scrollers that Guild Wars 2 is a great game.

I really love how GW2 is designed to encourage teamwork. You don't have to worry about killsteals or open world pvp or fighting over loot after a dungeon or group event. You might die to pocket raptors and while contemplating which waypoint to use, someone might go out of their way to try to resurrect you, and die trying. And then they might teleport and run back to you and try to resurrect you again. Some people do this because they get exp and achievements for it; others do it because GW2 conditioned them to help others.

I like how the LFG tool is organized and flexible, and before joining a group, you can tell from the lengthy titles exactly who they're looking for, so no one's angry that you joined. And if you do misread and join by mistake, most groups wait politely for you to remove yourself instead of rage-kicking you. There are often LFG groups for newbs and mentoring and trains that everyone can benefit from, and it adds to the friendly community and serves to advertise the services of those who are willing to help.

I like how when the game falls somewhere, the community is willing to help lift it back up. If someone has no idea what to do because the game didn't explain it well enough, ten people in map chat will jump to help you. One person might end up being your friend. The design of GW2, how it encourages teamwork, is what makes the community so friendly.

There are many more reasons why I love Guild Wars 2 and appreciate Anet's hard work, but I want to leave room for you to share your thoughts! Please, if you have any kind words, share them here or in a new thread. Tell Anet "thank you" and to keep up the good work!

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