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[EU/ENG] LF Static Raid Group (FC + CMs)


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Hello there o/
- I played QFB / QuickScrapper / CondiQuick Chrono Tank (only tanked SH and Largos split strat) mainly on my previous group. Also, was responsible for kiting on Q1 as Power Soulbeast.
I have Power Quick Chrono as well, but my group disbanded before I got a chance to practice on it sadly
- I have prior experience with the vast majority of DPS specs (expect new eod specs)
- I'm mostly available between 7 pm to 11 pm CET almost every evening during weekdays but prefer to keep weekends free.
What I'm looking for;
- Full clear + 5 CMs per week
- Dedicated group with a proper composition per wing for efficiency
- Fun and enjoyable atmosphere
What I can offer
- Stories/crying about my 3rd world country #getmeout
- Dedication and willingness to test new stuff if needed (including new strike missions)
- Flexibility in terms of role distribution
Feel free to pm me in-game (BlackRose.3578) or on Discord (Aurora IV#5589) o/
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