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Bring back Support Chrono. We've waited 3 years to get put back into Chronojail


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Bit of a rant here; Honestly, this spec as a support is dead. The most recent SoI change was the nail in the coffin. It's just another DPS spec that provides quickness. Healing on Mesmer is laughable at best as is the uptime on boons that other classes can provide much more consistently with less boon duration and more benefits on the side without nearly as much tradeoff or investment in addition to healing. There is no reason whatsoever to take this class over another aside from Teleport/Portal skips and other such clever techs that Mesmers can pull off just to save a minute or so which would have been saved by just running a better comp in addition to having a better safety net ALA Firebrand


Quickness Firebrand jail isn't a thing simply because so many people play it. Where as few people played Chrono despite it being overpowered because not anyone could just pick up a Chrono. It was easy to tell a good Chrono from a bad one. FB is overpowered and it's also very popular, but nobody is complaining. See the comparison here?


Anet, why do you hate Chronos all of a sudden? You tolerated them for most of HoT and then in 2019 you just started kicking them while they were down. At least we got zero clone shatters back, but that's still not enough. Either we need to be able to copy boons again and get Distort back on F4 AND Continuum Split back on F5, or make Chrono a viable healing spec. Hardly anybody wants a Mesmer in their group these days unless it's a Mirage giving Alacrity and Alacrity was originally Chrono's thing. Now everybody BUT Chrono can do it consistently without nearly as much maintenance


As a Mesmer, I do not enjoy being pidgeonholed into playing DPS

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