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Gyro Stomp doesn't even rally you


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In the rather niche situation where:

1. You use Function Gyro on a downed enemy

2. You go into downstate yourself before the stomp completes


The Gyro won't rally you by itself. Yes, you can be in PvP, clearly get credit for the kill on the feed, but not rally yourself. Maybe with additional damage you'll get credit, but this one really annoyed me.


Who knew? Should it be like this?




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1 hour ago, LuRkEr.9462 said:

I think you have to hit the person to get a rally. So if all you did was Gyro them and then get downed without ever making contact with that player it would not rally you.


The gyro does damage, but yes, maybe more damage is needed. I feel like this is a strange interaction that should be changed, but we all know it won't.

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