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Outnumbered WvW Harbinger Roaming - Spite and Celestial build


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Hi all!
I've played quite a lot of harbinger and found two builds that really work for me in all settings of WvW. It's a spite build that can get up to 3,7k power with 25 might (which is easy to get) and a celestial build with aristocracy runes that gives might whenever you apply weakness. I can really reccomend trying these builds out since I've had some great succes with it.
I also made a video recently showcasing what the builds can do in WvW outnumbered situations that you might be interested in.
Why celestial harbinger is op lol: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7UWfOtTOb08
If you guys have any feedback let me know, always looking to improve the builds!
- Hollts
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