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Fishing Party Catches (aka skiff lvl) VS Map closure

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Dear Anet!

In the recent update there was a change that allowed Jade Power Charges to carry on through maps so I was thinking - seeing that it is possible to be done - I'll ask you to do the same with the skiff lvl as well.

My reason is, that I (and several other players, I'm pretty sure there are a massive lot of us) find it really frustrating and kinda punishing that after nearly an hour of work to raise my FPC to lvl99, all my efforts just getting deleted/reset after a 'forced' map reset. I understand that it is needed when there are few players on the actual map, but those who are fishing and building up their skiff bonuses, actually loosing out on a massive boon compared to those who do only regular pve content.

My resolution/suggestion would be that one should keep the skiff lvl in progress after switching to another map or the same kind, just like the jade power charges. I don't mean we should keep the boon for all the maps (for example switching from a PoF map to a HoT map, etc.), but for a player who continues to stay in the same location.


I really hope my suggestion gets attention and/or getting taken in consideration.


Thanks in advance,



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