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Elite spec idea: Apothecary (WIP)


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Hi, I've been kicking around an idea for a condi e-spec for the engi called the Apothecary. So far, I've decided it will wield a torch and gain access to what are called "Chemical" utility skills, which mechanically function similar to thief's venom skills in that they temporarily add boons/condis to yours and your allies weapon skills.  Although I'm having trouble figuring out what their big profession mechanic will be that would really sell it as well as what some of the traits might look like, best I can come up is to maybe bring back an old trait like Acidic Coating. If anyone has any suggestions for those I'd greatly appreciate it.


In the meantime, here are the torch skills I've come up with;


Noxious fumes: "Add a deadly concoction to your torches flames to release a cone of lethal smog" Damage: 350(x3), Inflicts burning, poison, and vulnerability


Boom Stick: "Ignite a volatile substance in your torch to blow away foes" Damage: 500, causes knockback

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