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Fishing and locking it into the storyline

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I've been gone for a bit from GW2 - I come and go a lot. I still have Heart of Thorns story to do but I have ALL the other expansions. While running around working on Heart of Fire stuff (having missed the other story stuff), I see all the fishing holes and would like to fish....but I can't because I need to do the first part of End of Dragons....which will spoil things and confuse me. Why lock a simple thing such as fishing behind a story - You are blocking a bunch of your player base. No one I play with or know is up to the End of Dragons content - None of us can fish....


I would LOVE to fish while working on other story content - but not at the expense of ruining the storyline. 😞

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The same can be said of gliding in Heart of Thorns, or mounts in Path of Fire. Any skills that are tied to a mastery from an expansion will need you to get to that expansion to unlock.

Yes, it can be a bit of a wait if you want to do the story in order without skipping ahead briefly, but the good news is, you only have to unlock it once. Then the other characters on yout account have access to the ability as well.

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Its not locked behind story, you can even get it without playing EoD story hardly. Just go to the hearts on the first map and do them and you get your skiff, rod, lure and bait.


Use a TP to Friend to bypass the first story mission entirely, or join a guild that has the guild hall and you'll be able to exit into Shing Jea I think?

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