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What to do when Jumped on in pvp


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Hey all, trying to pick up condi mirage in pvp. My main classes are Spellbreaker and Rev. Gold 2/3 and using the metabattle build for context.


I'm looking for advice on what to do when someone like a rev or willbender jumps onto me. It feels like I have no sustain. If I distort I lose all my clones, and then when I come out of distortion they're just on top of me. Portals cd is too long. Feels like I'm doomed the second someone looks at me. Really need some practical advice on how to survive in conquest as this class. 

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Revs are kind of weak from range due to the fact that hammer is weak but be careful of shortbow so you may want to use staff.

Willbender has better ranged options.

It's important when playing mirage to keep moving around and using axe 2 to get in and jaunt or staff 2 can be used to get back out.

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What is your build? With staff you can use phase retreat, chaos armor, or chaos storm when someone jumps you, you can jaunt away, scepter or sword 2 are good defence to use when you are expecting to get attacked, axes of symmetry is an evade + target break, you can f3 for instant daze, and then you have your utility. The main way you survive with condi mes is with counter pressure. Confusion + weakness + blind will stop most roamers who jump you.

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I have been playing mirage for a long time. Mirage is strong enough to hold a node against 2 opponent very long time even it has 1 dodge. The only character I suffer is bladesworn. I lost almost all of the duels against them. 

For the record, longbow dh is much more dangerous than willbender. I dont count any rev as an opponent. 

Just you need to know which still you need to use when you use it. 

I personally use staff/axe-torch. I use staff to be in defensive mode. When I need to strike I swap to axe-torch. Torch is better than pistol if you fight against multiple targets, especially on mid, torch4 is get away ticket when you struck and you gain time and distraction when you want to strike back harder. 

For sigils, sigil of energy and sigil of cleansing are must at both weapons. 

I use dueling 1-2-3, chaos 2-1-3, mirage 2-1-2.

For utilities, blink (to get away), illusionary ambush (break targeting and distraction), mirror images(break targeting and clone uptime before shatter2), jaunt and for heal, false oasis. 

Clones die too easily and it is hard to keep 3 clones uptime before shatter. Timing of using mirror images is important. 

Tips: Use shatter4 (distortion) when you use staff to get mirage mirrors 1by1 and ambush skills from distance. In meanwhile, opponent will use most of his skills and you will find time to strike back. 

Use mirror images before shatter2. Rotation can be dodge > mirror images > axe3 and shatter2. You dont want to miss shatter2 so observe opponent and shatter after he has no dodge or aegis left. So start with staff and wait him to use all of his lifesaver skills. 

Use chaos storm just only you are in bad position, because clones will not gain bubble and opponent can identify you easily. 

This build based on distracting opponent not to identify which target is clone, which is real target and also saves you to get marked. 

You can change traits most of them but not elusive mind, desert distortion in mirage, auspicious anguish in chaos and deceptive evasion in dueling. 

If any suggestion or ideas to me, feel free to reply. 

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