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Any new maps?


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Hello everyone!
I would like to see new maps for pvp 🙏
Let it be just reworked old mechanics, or even without new mechanics at all, just new environments, models and locations in the style of old and new HoT, PoF, EoD, LW locations.
I've only been playing for 5 years, and I'm already tired of all the maps, and it's even strange to think that people who have been playing since 2012 are not tired of them.

We need a fresh breath of air! Especially me, after 13 Eternal Coliseums in a row 😅

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You think we'd have more maps ten years in; only one game-mode too; it's almost as if spvp has been neglected or something. And due to the vacant population - any request is seemingly shot-down by both player and developer. MMOs need content like no other genre. Spvp has no content. Hence why it's dead.

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