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Martial Cadence Suggestion


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Martial Cadence is pretty lackluster for a Grandmaster trait (Tactics).



Martial Cadence

Soldier's Focus partially recharges all of your equipped weapon skills when activated.
Does not recharge burst skills




Martial Cadence

If Soldier's Focus is not expended for 20 seconds, the effect becomes Determined Soldier.  In addition to providing any healing or boons obtained from expending Soldier's Focus, your next burst skill is uninterruptable.


Having an uninterruptable burst skill every 20 seconds will primarily benefit Earthshaker and Flurry, and Skull Crack and Kill Shot to a lesser extent.


If this seems underpowered we could also add a 3-4 second application of Fury.  Making the burst unblockable as well is another option, but might be too much.

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Imo if Tactics get's reworked into a more meaningful support line and shares the load with discipline, Martial cadence should proc an AoE condi cleanse on Marching Orders use.

Why? More reliable cleansing from the warrior if they choose to (ideally with 5 sec ICD on Marching Orders), not too strong self-cleanse, on top of a great damage cost from picking up tactics, which is why shouts in discipline make all the more much sense.

Improved cleanse capability with no need to opt into shouts, albeit weaker. Still you may not want to run PS or Double Standards (if they are the other GM traits in tactics), so this competes well enough imo and complements a hypothetical Disciline shout build/trooper rune healer. 

Now to fully go into fanfic territory, add a strong Elite Shout and a boon on each shout and boom, you'd have a very viable support warrior.

That is since we getting quickness, we can't hace Martial Cadence be an AoE alac share pump anymore rip.

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14 hours ago, Dadnir.5038 said:

I believe you're shooting the warrior in the foot with this change. Trading a reliable skill recharge for an effect that force you to wait 20s between burst isn't something that will help the warrior in any way.


Current Martial Cadence is a flat 3 sec reduced cooldown every 10 seconds.  That's pretty pathetic compared to Alacrity which takes a skill's cooldown, turns it into a percentage, and effectively shaves 20% (more with trait) off the cooldown. 


Granted warrior lacks Alacrity but the only way one could see that -3sec reduction every 10 sec versus uninterruptable burst would be if you only PVE and don't PVP or WvW...which is fine.  


If we are going to insist on cooldown reduction, then we need to turn cooldowns into percentages and shave a percentage off at burst, 20% or more...and have Martial Cadence function like a poor man's Alacrity.

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Being immune to any form of hard CC as long as you are executing a burst skill (that is what you are suggesting, right?) once every 20 seconds does not sound all that powerful. Honestly, if you were to make a trait which flat out makes all burst skills "uninterruptable" that still seems pretty mediocre. Enemies are simply going to dodge, blind, block or teleport away from warrior bursts and interrupt your best non-burst skills instead.

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Imo, we can start suggestions as soon as they reorganize the traitline.

Heal on burst competes with warhorn, heal shout competes with PS, only the master tier is like only EA (the shrug it off trait is... and even CMC said in the bladesworn reveal that warriors cunning isnt used by pretty much anyone, even though Im not sure if that was a joke or not)

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