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Daily Chests for participation and not wins is why ranked PvP is bad


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The simplest change that could have the biggest effect would be to change dailies for ranked matches to require wins instead of just participation. For the people there for chests, they aren't affected in the slightest if they lose and are still rewarded for going AFK.

The lack of incentive to actually TRY when players queue is what ruins the game-mode. There are enough easy-mode dailies in the game that they could more than afford to require actual wins for PvP dailies.

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You've got it backwards my friend. There are custom arenas people go to to get the participation dailies. Pretty much every day has a daily that requires a ranked win. If someone is afking in ranked it's because they are salty about something/someone.

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I'm sure the pip rewards are based off the 50% winrate the matchmaker is shoving down your throat. So in theory loss pips can be moved to win pips and over time you would get the same amount of pips. I'm sure the devs have made that calculation, if nothing else.

However a loss without any pips would suck big time (more than now). Especially a losing streak of 5 games, 1 hour or so without pips... that would feel real bad. Even if on the long run you didn't get fewer pips.

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You have to understand that everyone here has been spoonfed freebie rewards for years now, turning that around is pretty much impossible at this point.


I don't think anyone here really understands that this is not how competitive modes are designed in other games. They usually put rewards like that in the Unranked mode and not the competitive mode, but oh well.

Either way freebie rewards have somehow managed to become synonymous with the Ranked mode in this game. To the extent that people are willing to quit if they do not get them anymore.


I agree more with the OP, even if I am the only one, but I think the jingle-key rewards are also easy enough to ignore. Especially if you don't care for them in the first place.

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The rewards is the only reason I even bother with ranked these days, and I’ll try to win in every match because winning = fast reward gains. I shouldn’t be punished with not getting any rewards/pips for a match where mm stuck me with some pve numpty trying to do his pvp dailies.

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u trying to win match like normal fiht 5v5, but u get a match where 1 or 2 people in your or opposite team here just for daily reward. For ex: in LoL or CS, Noone can carry a match 5v5 where 1 person is feeding another team just for "picture" while in gw2pvp just for "daily reward

This is BRAIN kitten


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