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Eye of the Storm: Why no shocking aura?


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This may be an old topic, but why does the shout Eye of the Storm! doesn’t provide a shocking aura like the other 3 tempest shouts? It doesn’t make any sense at all. Sharing auras is one of the tempest’s strong points. The shouts and many traits are based on auras. Therefore, shouldn’t Eye of the Storm! finally get an update?

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Reasons to not give Shocking Aura: AoE stun break, AoE Superspeed.

If you slapped 4s of Shocking Aura on top of that, you'd just make PvP Tempest unbearable for people.

Maybe you could put Shocking Aura on it, but it'd have to be like 1s Shocking Aura just to get Elemental Bastion/other aura traits to activate in PvP on top of stun breaking.

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