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3 Guildmates LFG/LFM for Ministry Strike for Turtle (EU)


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Hi there,


I am hoping to find a friendly group or some other likeminded people who would be interested in trying the Kaineng Strike Mission in order to unlock the Siege Turtle mount. I am in a very small (about 6 people) guild of friends, and three of us are now at this stage. We're pretty casual in but we have many years of raiding experience together in other games, particularly World of Warcraft and Lord of the Rings Online, so we're quite familiar with those kinds of mechanics.


Our group composition would be a Mechanist Engi with an alacrity build, a Virtuoso Mesmer (probably - has a number of alts), and myself. My usual build is vanilla ranger, but I have put together a boon druid build to try for group content. Gear on everyone will be at least full exotic, matching runesets, etc.


Best times for us would be Monday or Friday evening, Saturday during the day, or any time on Sundays, but we can be flexible as needed. If anyone is interested in joining us, or knows of a friendly guild or Discord that would take us along, please let me know. Thank you!

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