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bug: v1/build and v2/build stuck to old version


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It's been broken since May 2021. I personally wouldn't use this API even if it was working - it was always unreliable. Instead, pull the build directly from the patch server (it's the first number):

http://assetcdn.101.arenanetworks.com/latest64/101 (local mirror)
http://origincdn.101.arenanetworks.com/latest64/101 (primary US)

Here's what the numbers mean:

128272 2677639 38391072 2677633 16452

Build (128272)
File ID of Gw2-64.exe (2677639)
File size in bytes (38391072)
Manifest ID (2677633)
Manifest size in bytes (16452)

How to download Gw2-64.exe:
(note the last number is the file ID)

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