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Windows 10 - can't resize window in Windowed mode

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I am using a laptop with Windows 10. When I change my game to windowed mode, I cannot find the edges of the screen to resize it. I wanted it in windowed so I could watch something while I waited for an event to spawn... can't do that when the game is still essentially full screen lol. How do I fix this?

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22 hours ago, kettering.6823 said:

How do I fix this?

If you used Windowed Fullscreen mode, you could always access other programs via Windows key, which will pop up the taskbar and program selection menu. Once the program is running, you can Alt+Tab between applications.

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DX11 has a problem where selecting windowed in-game keeps your previous window size, causing the window to be larger than your screen with the title/borders off screen. Press the WindowsKey to show the taskbar, hold shift and right click GW2's taskbar button, then select move and use the arrow keys to move the window down to reveal the title bar.

Alternatively, if you have snaps enabled, you can just WindowsKey + left arrow to snap the window to the left side of the screen.

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