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When will it be supported on IPad via GeoforceNow?

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1 hour ago, jon.4537 said:

Not sure if this is due to Nvidia or Arenanet, but GW2 is not supported on IPad

1) To my knowledge, GW2 has never been supported on tablets (Android/Apple). I know it is possible but it is not officially supported.

2) ArenaNet ended support of Mac clients last July. Link. You can also check out some discussion thread here but I'm sure how much it will help you as you want to play on an iPad.


1 hour ago, jon.4537 said:

Is this going to change in the near future?

In my opinion...No.

Anet could officially introduce tablet support in the future, they could reintroduce Mac support in the future. But I don't think we are going to see support for those things in the "near future". Again, people are running the game on tablets. So perhaps there is hope for you, but currently there is no official support.

It is a great game. I hope you have the chance to play with us. Good luck.

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